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Illustration of burglar forcing entry through a window
June 10, 2024

Home Burglary Statistics The Woodlands Residents Need To Know

How often do home invasions take place? Is it likelier to be intruded upon late at night or when the sun’s out? Will criminals flee if you utilize a home security system? Find answers to these important questions by exploring home burglary statistics The Woodlands homeowners should know. You’ll even get access to input from the burglars themselves.

National Burglary Statistics Gathered By The FBI

Let’s begin with a bit of favorable news. According to data collected in the FBI’s Crime Data Explorer, burglaries have dropped in the recent past. Unfortunately, the collective quantity of burglaries increased in 2022 when considering the year before. Here are some statistics you need to know:

  • 847,522 burglaries were disclosed to the FBI in 2022, a significant increase from the 671,648 recorded in 2021.
  • Looking at burglaries that happened at the victim’s home in 2022, 238,137 burglaries took place during the day, while 184,846 were at night.
  • The FBI’s Crime Clock details compiled from 2019 suggest a crime of burglary occurred every 28.3 seconds. Overall, property crimes took place once every 4.6 seconds, including theft/larceny at an average of 6.2 seconds.

Although burglaries have dropped steadily since reaching a peak of 1,973,304 in 2008, they are still a problem. One effective way to avoid becoming a victim is to get an advanced home security package. But don’t take our word for it. Rather, see what thieves had to say.

Looking Into The Mind Of A Criminal

Researcher Joseph Kuhns and his team from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte provided insight into the behavioral tendencies of burglars in a study called “Understanding Decisions to Burglarize from the Offender’s Perspective.” Here is a little of what they discovered after surveying over 400 offenders imprisoned for burglary.

  • Around 83% of offenders agreed they would attempt to determine if a security system was used at the property.
  • About 60% noted they would seek a different target if an alarm system were discovered.
  • If tripping an alarm during an invasion, greater than half of the offenders said they would stop the attempt. Additionally, 31% stated they would stop the attempt under some circumstances, while just 13% specified they would always proceed in spite of the alarm.

Even thieves agree that home defense systems are a valuable line of protection for The Woodlands homeowners. Explore what you could include in your own.

Add Protection And Convenience To Your The Woodlands Property

As a result of all the new technology, it’s a great time to purchase a defense system. You can get the primary features like motion sensors and access point sensors, but there’s a lot more to give thought to. Better secure and automate your home with smart locking systems, light bulbs, and thermostats. You can even check video footage and activate equipment from anywhere with a home security app on your cell phone. When you add 24-hour monitoring, you’ll enjoy a robust, layered defense.

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