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October 16, 2023

How To Decide Between Monitored Vs. Unmonitored Security Systems In The Woodlands

You know you have to defend your home. Above all else, it supplies shelter for your loved ones and is where you have all of your possessions. But what is the best kind of home protection? Figuring out if you should get round-the-clock monitoring is one of the leading decisions you must make. Explore the benefits and downsides of monitored vs. unmonitored security systems in The Woodlands and see what’s best for you.

Differences Between Monitored Vs. Unmonitored Home Security Systems

When you opt for 24-hour monitoring, your home’s protection links to a professional monitoring service that is set to provide help at all times. Whenever a door sensor activates or a CO detector begins beeping, your monitoring agents get a notification instantaneously. They quickly take action to validate the alarm and send the proper emergency professionals.

On the other hand, an unmonitored security system doesn’t have a backup team. You could consider this to be self-monitoring, which means that if your alarm goes off, you must take action to resolve it. This possibility is the less expensive route, but it also comes with less peace of mind.

Pros And Cons Of A Monitored Security System In The Woodlands

Here’s a brief breakdown of the advantages and drawbacks of a monitored security system.

Advantages Of Monitored Systems

  • Improved security: Having 24-hour support on your side is always wise. If you are not on site, not awake, or don’t have your phone, your home and its inhabitants will still be watched over.
  • Speedier response times: Monitoring specialists are always standing by to help. They’ll react quicker to incidents than you can by yourself.
  • Insurance discounts: Monitored home security systems may qualify you for a discount on your home insurance premium.
  • Superior tools and seamless integration: By getting hardware, installation, and monitoring from a trusted home security expert, you will get access to a cohesive system with devices that may be better than what you will come across on your own.

Drawbacks Of A Monitored System

  • Expense: You will have a monthly charge for monitoring.
  • Typically required to get a professional install: Countless residents prefer to have the install done by skilled experts, but some do-it-yourselfers might object.
  • Need to sign a contract: You will generally need to sign a contract when getting monitoring. This is likely to be agreeable for numerous residents as home security is a service you will want long term.

Benefits And Downsides Of An Unmonitored Security System In The Woodlands

Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits and downsides of an unmonitored security system.

Advantages Of An Unmonitored System

  • Affordability: You won’t incur a monitoring bill.
  • Self-installation: Some might consider this a benefit as they can handle the installation themselves and avoid an installation expense. Other people will prefer going with an experienced technician.
  • Higher Level of Flexibility: You may incorporate components when you want - and from your choice of manufacturer. However, you might find assembling into a fully connected system more complex.
  • You have complete control: There won’t be an outside company monitoring your home’s defense. If something happens, you’re in control of getting help.

Cons Of An Unmonitored System

  • No support system: What if you’ve misplaced your smartphone and don’t see a security notification? This circumstance equates to more stress and less peace of mind.
  • Requires your complete attention: Due to the fact you are the only one in control, you must never stray too far from your home security app.
  • Connecting the system is up to you: If you want assistance during the install, you might have to hire someone else. The installation is also likely to take a greater amount of time.

Stay Protected With a Monitored Home Security System In The Woodlands

Stay protected at all times with a monitored home security system in The Woodlands from Secure24 Alarm Systems. We think you’ll agree that a comprehensive, monitored home security system is the ideal solution for your family. Call (281) 595-9526 today to get started.